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About Bridge and Build

What happens when a construction industry veteran and a project management expert join forces to battle today’s world of inflated pricing, poor quality, and insane timelines for home renovations? We will tell you what happens – a bridge is made! 


Bridge & Build was founded in 2022 to tighten the gap between average homeowners and construction industry experts to reduce costs, increase quality, decrease turnaround time frames and guarantee satisfaction


Co-founders, Reece and Ashley, have experience completing hundreds of DIY projects and home renovations. On top of their personal expertise, they have over 15 years of experience working for the nation's largest single family leasing company. They have quite literally seen it all. From poor quality to inflated costs, they have seen the very best and the very worst renovations. 

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Our Process

Bridge & Build works with any project, big or small. With on-demand project updates and a streamlined bridge process, you will be at ease throughout your renovation. We don’t just manage your project – we take it personally. We make it our ours to guarantee its success.  

2. Cost & Schedule

Your renovation project manager will put together a proposal with costs and timeline for your project. 

4. Renovation Begins

Your Bridge & Build renovation project manager will oversee progress, manage the schedule and provide updates throughout the entire process. Once complete, we will inspect the work and meet to sign-off on completion.

1. On-Site or Virtual Consultation

When first contacting Bridge & Build, we will start the planning  process to ensure we capture all of your project requirements.

3. Time to Bridge

You will meet with your renovation project manager to finalize all project details.

Why partner with us?

Representing your interests as your general contractor and renovation project manager is our only priority. We treat your project like it's our project from day one - continuously striving for 100% satisfaction and overall project success! We take care of all the details, dates, and decisions based on the requirements we discuss during your consultation. We work directly with our suppliers and subcontractors to provide the most competitive pricing for your renovation in the timeframe you need. You will benefit from the relationships we've built in the Dallas/Fort Worth area over years of trial and error. Need a plumber? We have a guy. A landscaper? We know them too! Give us a call today for your free consultation and let us bridge your next project. 

Let us bridge your next project

Family-owned and operated
Service Area: Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas

Business Hours: Monday - Saturday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM CST

CALL US AT (651) 760-0801

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